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Musings from my 'Woodland Wanders' Collection

For the last few months I have been beavering away painting. A lot! This particular collection takes a new direction from my usual animal subjects.

I spend a lot of time wandering the woodland and fields local to me here in leafy Chinnor. There is so much beauty on my doorstep.

My woodlands collection was inspired by the feelings and emotions I experience when I am out in the quiet and beautiful surroundings. Here are my musings about each one of my paintings.

Bluebell Bliss

There is a great feeling of calmness here - the only noise I can hear is twittering of the birds in the trees and odd scuttling as a squirrel jumps from branch to branch.

Time stands still, as I find a spot on the carpet of bluebells, and sit down amongst the tiny bursts of blue and purple flowers, and take it all in.

Pure Bliss!

Listen to the Quiet

The woodland provides us with a sense of quiet at the best of times, but with a thick layer of snow all around, there is an eerie silence,

The only sounds I can hear is the crunching of snow under my boots.

I take in the stunning orange sky as the sun rises up from behind the hill, and as I stop to catch my breath in the cold air, I stand still for a moment, and listen to the quiet.

You Will Find a Way

With a mind full of thoughts and worries, a long walk through the woodland is a much needed therapy.

As I walk the chatter in my head fades, and I start to relax as I take in the colours and shapes. Things start to become clearer.

There is always hope. Nature helps us. You will find a way.

Softly Falling

A gently breeze in the air makes leaves rustle in the canopy above.

I am in awe of all different shades of orange, yellows and browns that surround me at every turn, contrasted by the dark solid trunks that stand like brave soldiers along the path.

A large gust of wind blows, and a flurry of golden leaves take flight from their branches.

Like snowflakes, softly falling.

Dawn Chorus

The woods are alive with the sound of birdsong. The sun is still asleep behind the hill, and the light in the woods is enchanting. The energy is both calming and exhilarating.

One of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard, and one that I will always remember.

I wish I could hear the sound every day, of the dawn chorus.

Magical Moments

I have come to a clearing, and I am mesmerised. Never before have I seen such an abundance of colour.

The sun is flickering through the leaves up above, casting its light across the bluebell carpet, making the little bells shimmer and dance.

I am blessed. I am in a magical moment.

I hope you enjoyed my woodland musings. I would love to know how they made you feel? Which one is your favourite?

All of theses paintings are for sale on my website shop - prints are available on request



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