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Whether you want some bright, vibrant artwork for your home or as a gift, or you want to learn how to do some art yourself, then I have just what you need!

I create bold and colourful artwork, inspired by nature and my love of the great outdoors. Original artwork, prints and greeting cards to purchase can be found on my shop.

I am available for bespoke commissions and pet portraits, and am always happy to to discuss your requirements or ideas.

My Therapeutic Art Classes have a fun relaxed 'no pressure' ethos and are suitable for all abilities.

I run these both in person and online. 

I also do bespoke workshops for events such as team building days and hen nights.

Book Here for Online Art Classes

Hot Off the Easel

Starlight is one of my favourite and most recent creations. A mixed media painting using acrylics, metalic paints and coloured foils. 

I have found over the years that my best works happen when I worry less about the end result, and just focus on the process. It then becomes a much freer and more organic.

When I am painting, I am looking to bring the picture to life in an exciting new way to the viewer, and at the same time creating harmony between abstract and realism.

Starlight is available to purchase in my Shop. Greeting cards and prints of the design are also available


New Greeting Cards!!


New Greeting card designs are now available to purchase from my most recent animal collection.

Prints of all the  designs are also available on request.

New Greeting Card Range