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The Reading Room


Stephanie Fisher Artist

Get Inspired!

Whether you want  purchase some bright, vibrant artwork for your home or as a gift, or you want to learn how to do some art yourself, then you have come to the right place!

Hi, I'm Steph!  My passion in life is art.


I love both creating it, and teaching it. My artwork style is bold and colourful, inspired by nature and my love of the great outdoors.


My mission is to help people get started on their creative path, and introducing the benefits that art can bring to us both physically and mentally.

I run Therapeutic Art Classes which have a fun relaxed 'no pressure' ethos. and are suitable for all abilities. I run these both in person and online. 

I also do 'one off' workshops such as team building events and hen nights.

I am available for bespoke commissions and specialise in pet portraits.

I am always happy to to discuss your requirements or ideas and provide a  free no obligation quote.


Original artwork, prints and greeting cards to purchase can be found on my shop.

Book Here for Online Art Classes


"Purple Bee" . This was a commission that I was asked to do for a client that loved bees! She wanted a piece that was unique, and would fit in with her décor.  I asked her to send me photos of the room and soft furnishings, so that I could get a feel of the environment of where the painting would be displayed, and create a colour palette to match. This painting was done using acrylics and finished off with some gold leaf for that extra sparkly touch!



"It's taken around a year to find something special to fill this wall, and I'm so glad I came across Stephanie Fisher, who offered to do a commission after listening to me 💜.  Thankyou Stephanie for this beautiful painting, for taking time to create a palette to go with our soft furnishings, and for creating a masterpiece that exceeded my expectations 💜 The photos just don't do it justice, I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for more Artyfish"

Bumble Bee Abstract Painting in Acrylics

My  inspiration comes from all things to do with nature and wildlife - my speciality being anything with fur or feathers!! If you are looking for something a bit special for your home or as a gift for someone just drop me an email with your ideas and I will be happy to discuss it with you and provide you with a no obligation quote.  

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